Desert Bus 9 Poster

Desert Bus 9 Poster by the wonderful and talented Michael Lee Lunsford. Check out his webcomic, Supernormal Step!

Go watch and donate to Desert Bus for Hope 9 @!

If you want to have your Android device wallpaper automagically update with the latest version poster as soon as Mike posts it, use the IFTTT app with this recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: Live Desert Bus Wallpaper connects yo to android-device

(Make sure you use the username "DBPOSTER" when attaching the recipe to Yo or it won't work. Also, it won't take effect until the first time the poster is updated after you add the recipe, so... be patient.)

(If you're impatient, this recipe will set it for you faster. Or you can just go set it manually with the above image.)

Additionally, if you follow DBPOSTER on Yo, you can get pinged every time the image changes (great for iOS and Windows Phone users!)

Any and all questions about this site can be directed to @mrasmus on twitter.

Please note that this site caches the poster image, with Mike's permission, to prevent additional load on his server.

As always, much love to Mike, LoadingReadyRun, the entire Desert Bus crew, and YOU, THE VIEWERS! Enjoy the marathon!